Happy New Year 2012

(Edited & updated)

Happy New year..New Year! Why give so importance to such event? Well, Sheikh Waleed Abdulhakeem(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheikh-Waleed-Abdulhakeem/108448120842) explains it:
“January was named after the false Roman god Janus (god of doors), February the god of purification, March the god of war, April the god of opening, May the goddess of fertility, June the goddess of protection, July after Julius Caesar, August after the 1st emperor of Rome, September to December after the Latin numbers …7-10. Oh & Jesus pbuh was born 2016 years ago, not 2011, & the new year started March, not January!

While the Gregorian calendar is full of shirk from beginning to end as you see, it is permissible to use it only with the intention that it is a solar calendar (based on the sun), because Allah is the creator of both the sun and the moon, and we as Muslims use the moon to determine our calendar, but we could also use the sun as a secondary way to calculate the time of the year if there is a need to do so, but the Hijri calendar must hold a higher priority in our hearts, and insha’Allah one day we will re-establish it again in our countries. However, using the solar calendar is one thing, and celebrations is totally a different thing, especially that the whole thing was based on Roman idol worshiping (the months of the year), then later on worshiping the alleged son of god (and they didn’t even get that part right!) May Allah protect our tongues from unintentional shirk, and forgive us. Ameen.” ( End of his words).

Alcoholism, dance and all types of lavish celebrations are Haram!! But if you really want to make the coming year special and welcome it, then what better way than going making wudhu doing Zikr, tilawat-e-Quran, making Du’a for forgiveness and repentance and praying two rakah nafil, prostrating and bowing down to Allah facing Kabah and then send lots of durood shareef(a Du’a & praise to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(Sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa Salim)). Alhamdulillah We are Muslims and  be proud to be Muslims and welcome the new year in Islamic way. Then see how the upcoming year will be filled with surprises, happiness, joys, and success for you..InshaAllah!!!